Saturday, August 16, 2008

You never know what you're gonna get

Claire all gussied up right before she headed on stage.

Jake sportin his new do

Anderson loved the spikey spike hair he got

Jake running around with his ba-ooon

Anderson enjoying his balloon as well

The boys had a very busy and fun Saturday. We started the day off at Great Lakes Crossing to see Claire in a fashion show. She recently made the Disney dance team and today she had her first event. Radio Disney hosted a back to school fashion show and Claire got to walk the runway. She did a great job and the boys loved watching her on stage. When we got home Jake was in the corner doing his business when all of sudden he announced "poo poo"! We were so excited and proud. The boys have showed ZERO readiness for potty training so this was a big step in the right direction. Not to mention we can now add "poo poo" to Jake's list of words.

In the afternoon, after the boys napped we headed to Partridge Creek for some outdoor shopping. The boys really enjoy the play area there and watching the big kids run through the water fountains. Anderson and Jake were in great spirits so we decided to push our luck and go to dinner. Dare I say, the boys were freakishly good. The food landed in all the right places, they ate like absolute pigs, and flirted with all the waitresses. We ordered them some mostacoli which was enough for a 12 year old boy....gone. I offered them each a quarter of my hamburger...gone, 4 pickles....gone, mandarin oranges....gone! As we started to clean up, Jake grabs the rest of my hamburger and eats that all up. We actually had to cut him off for fear he was going to make himself sick!

After a phenomenal dinner we pushed our luck even further and took them for haircuts. Anderson generally sits very well for haircuts and Jake usually spazes anyways so we thought what the hey. Anderson was a champ during his haircut and Jake did pretty well himself. Today made all those pull your hair out days worth it.

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