Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jake's revenge

The impossible happened yesterday. I still can't believe I witnessed what I did. Jake has been giving us hell the past few days at naptime and bedtime. This is completely out of character for our sweet and docile Jakey. Yesterday it hit an all time high with a full out temper tantrum with wheezing and complete delirium on his part. We both went into his room several times to comfort him, rub his back and gently but firmly tell him it was time for a nap. After an hour of craziness he finally fell asleep. Fast forward 50 minutes and he is at it again. I decide 50 minutes is better than nothing so I go to take him out of his crib. He continues to tantrum, try and wiggle from my grip and scream. I set him on the floor and we watch him roll around in hysteria. Not even Sesame Street could calm this little guy down. I decide he's obviously still tired and decide to put him back into the crib with his books so hopefully he will either fall back asleep OR settle down looking at books.

Five minutes after I put him back in his room he settles. Then I hear him babbling, only it sounds much more clear and louder than his cries did. It crosses my mind that he possibly got out of his crib, but there is no way. No way is he capable of climbing out of his crib. I go to check on him and I'm shocked when I open the door to see little Jake on the floor of his room, quietly and contently looking at his books. Somehow he managed to crawl out and not land on his head. Did I mention how pleased he was with himself?

Now what? There is no way he is ready for a bed, he would NEVER stay put so that is out. We can't buy a crib tent because they only fit standard cribs and there is no way to jimmy rig it with the crib we have. So basically our only option is to buy a new crib and get a crib tent. For now his crib is surrounded by pillows and we're on high alert to try and prevent it from happening again. I'm afraid if it happens again we are going to be crib shopping for a third crib and that just seems ridiculous.

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