Monday, August 25, 2008

Jake's new set up. Backwards crib pushed up against a wall with a bed butted up to it.

The only way out is onto a soft bed.

Anderson's new room complete with his furniture.

Anderson's room including the new table and chairs.

Jake has a new set up in his room. The McBrides came over yesterday to give us a hand with moving furniture. The boys were completely unphased by the rearranging that went on. Originally the boys shared a room for the first 6 months of life. We have another bedroom that was empty but it just seemed to make sense to have them together at the time. Naptime was becoming a huge issue as we have one champion sleeper and one oppositional/defiant sleeper. We made the decision to move our champion sleeper (AJ) into the spare bedroom because it was closest to the living room and noise so we figured he would be more likely to sleep through the noise.

Unfortunately that room was empty and just plain cream. We could've moved Anderson's furniture along with his crib but due to plain laziness and daily exhaustion we just didn't.....for the past 14 months. Uncle Jared did paint some pictures for his wall but other than that the poor guy slept in an empty room. Yesterday all that changed. We moved over his large dresser, put the new table and chairs in there and gave him his piggy bank, photos and other trinkets. He and Jake spent all morning playing in there and I love that he loves his "new room".

Jake, however, isn't enjoying his new set up quite as much. He is continuing to tantrum at bed and naptime. Today was a record hour and half till he finally settled. He's frustrated that he can't see out the front of his crib and just doesn't want to take the time out of his busy play schedule to sleep.

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