Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What you are up to...19.5 months

Time for an update on the boys for the boys...


Oh, my sweet Anders you have been very busy pushing the envelope... and might I add that you push persistently and hard! The terrible twos have arrived early and you have the stage mastered. Right now your main focus is your independence. You want to do everything by yourself and prove just how crafty you are. You have been demanding a spoon with every meal and although you can fill the spoon up with ease you are lucky if one noodle makes it into your mouth. And you don't want any help. Twice this week your Daddy or I have had to take you out of a restaurant to wait in the car. One minute you seem content and happy and the next minute you are screaming and throwing your food on the floor. I wish I knew how to help you to ease your frustration. It is clear you want to communicate and express yourself to us but just don't yet have the right words you need.

Daddy and I made a list the other day of the words you use and right now you have about 25 words. Your comprehension is excellent, you understand everything we tell you. You help me around the house with many things like picking up the toys, folding the towels, swiffering the floors and even wiping your dried up milk spills off the couch. One of my most favorite things you do is ask for me in the mornings when you wake up. My heart swells when I hear "Mama? Mama?" coming from your crib. When I come to get you, you squeeze me so tight and I can feel the love in your heart.

Lately you've been my cow's tail. Always wanting to follow me around, mimic my actions, and cuddle with me. Your favorite activities lately are kicking around your ball, putting your blocks in the right shaped holes, and as always reading books. You get so excited when you know we are going to meet Daddy for lunch, chattering away the whole car ride there about "DA-DEEEE". You continue to be such a friendly little guy to people you meet. Even saying "hi" to the people working the drive thru windows.

You are a bright, clever, mischievous, spirited, strong willed and loving boy. You are so loved.


Jake you are your Daddy in every way possible. Your easy going nature makes you an absolute joy to be around. You are a peace maker and always willing to compromise. It is rare that you lose your temper and when you do you quickly want to "make nice" and smooth things over.

You love to run, climb and dance. You proudly show us how you can dance like the Wiggles, swing your arm and trumpet like an elephant, or stand on your head. Lately you've been obsessed with climbing up the steps at the park and trying to walk down them. You've taken a few spills from your daredevilish ways but that never discourages you. You pop right back up and start again.

You use about 15 words right now but like your brother, you can comprehend very well. You are a tad more quiet than your brother, shying away from the spotlight. You are content to play alone but happy to interact with others. You used to cry when Anderson took a toy away from you but now you boldly push him away and take it back. Your toys are so important to you, you literally will play with every toy you have and you do it like its your job. You are able to turn on all your toys, push all the buttons, and you love to turn them upside down to try and figure out how they work.

One of my most favorite things you do is surprise us with hugs and kisses when we least expect it. You often sneak up behind me, lay your head on the nape of my neck and say "awww". You are a loving, gentle and inquisitive soul that melts the hearts of Daddy and I. We love you so much Jakey.

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