Friday, July 06, 2007

Brotherly Love

Jake and Anderson holding hands while watching Seasame Street

Mini wrestling match..."I told you to put your helmet on Anderson!"

Eating our teething ice popsicles

Today Anderson and Jake had their 6 month appointment. Each weighs about 17 and a half pounds and is about 27 inches in length. Dr. says they are doing very well and she is pleased with their progress. They got the green light to start their vegetables so they had peas for dinner. Jake liked them but Anderson wasn't as thrilled.

They also went for a helmet check-up this week and there was good news with that as well. Anderson's head is completely symmetrical in just under 6 weeks (average is 6 months)! The dr. said we can stop the helmet if we choose or we can wait one more month to ensure that he doesn't regress. So we decided he will continue to wear it till our next appointment which is August 10th...yay Anderson!

Jake has made significant progress as well. His orignal measurements showed his skull measurements from one side to the other to have a centimeter and a half difference, hence a flat spot. He now only has three quarters difference in his measurements which means he is halfway there! Unfortunately he will have to wear it longer than Anderson but we are so happy that the helmets have benefitted the boys so much! Jake has also made progress with his physical therapy for tortocolis. He is now able to turn his head 10 degrees further to the right then he was able to 6 weeks ago.

Kevin and I see so many children/babies at therapy with such debilitating and tragic physical impairments. Some of the children even have traches and are on breathing machines or are completely wheelchair bound. It makes us feel immensely fortunate and extremely appreciative to have such healthy boys.

Recently Kevin and I took the boys to the park for a walk and a ride on the baby swings. As we walked around the park we passed another family with two toddlers. The parents were Americans and the toddlers were both Asian. They were a beautiful adoptive family that brought tears to my eyes. Kevin and I were both thinking the same thing. That could have been us.....and that would have been wonderful as well. Adoption was something that we would have been doing this summer had life not unexpectedly changed. But it just got us to thinking, why us and not them? Moral of the story...children are such a precious gift and for those who read this blog who have never struggled with infertility consider yourself a lottery winner. There is no pain and anguish like that of infertility where everyone around you effortlessly creates what your heart longs for and that you slowly die on the inside for.

Me...stepping off my soapbox.

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