Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anderson the busy guy

Anderson pulling Uncle Jared's hair.

Anderson eating Mommy's make-up bag.

Anderson James taking pictures with Mommy while Jake sleeps.
Time for an Anderson update. I'll be giving one on Jake soon. Although Anderson is a very easy going baby he is starting to show a bit of a strong willed side as well. Usually he doesn't mind when Jake steals a toy or binky from him or when Mommy or Daddy take away something he is going to put in his mouth. BUT when it comes to sleep and eating his vegetables he knows what he wants. If Anderson doesn't feel like napping or eating his veggies he lets everyone within shouting distance know it. He takes a deep breath and then lets out ear piercing screams one after another and just when you think he's tired himself out, NOPE he's just taking a break.

Last week he had his first official temper tantrum. He was in his swing while I was behind him feeding Jake his bottle. Anderson wasn't due for his bottle for an hour but when he saw Jake eating he wanted one STAT! He looked over at us, took his deep breath and then let us have it. He was screaming at us then he would look away as if he couldn't take it anymore, look back and start again. I called Kevin at work so he could be a part of it all...he was very appreciative.

Anderson seems to enjoy his celebrity treatment out in public from being a twin. He loves all the little old ladies that come up to him. He gives everyone a smile and sometimes says "hiya" in a deep voice. Everyone comments on how happy he is and what a sweetheart he looks like. I'm by no means suggesting he actually knows he is saying hi, but it sure sounds like that and he does it at the appropriate times. Anderson is getting very good at sitting up, he has taken a couple of tumbles but still goes at it like a champ. Sitting up is good but what he really likes is standing. He likes to stand up and play with the exersaucer, leaning on the couch and in someone's lap. He has some strong fat baby roll legs.

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