Friday, December 29, 2006

Time's Up!

The babies are coming next Wednesday, January 3rd! Everything at today's appointment was good, our dr. said at this point it's looking as though the babies are going to need some encouragement to enter the world so we have an induction scheduled for next Wednesday at 10 a.m. When we arrive at labor and delivery they will do an ultrasound to check on the babies positions and decide at that time if it will be a c-section or an induction. If it's a c-section then the babies will be born by early afternoon, if its not they probably won't be born till late that evening. The nurse said an induction usually takes 12 hours from start to finish.

We are going to spend the next few days cleaning, grocery shopping, and assembling some last minute stuff so that all is prepared and organized when we bring our little guys home. Unfortunately Kevin has come down with a cold/sinus problem so he just headed to the dr's office to hopefully get some medicine so that everything clears up by the time the babies arrive. I'm just hoping I don't catch it too!


Anonymous said...

Yah!!How exciting, I hope that Kevin isn't too upset about the missing 2006 tax deductions(Just joking). Sometimes being induced takes quite a while, mine did but they both came the same day still so that was good. Enjoy your last few days!! Love, Maggie

Anonymous said...

Jens and I are very happy and excited for you guys. We can't wait to meet the boys! If you need ANYTHING, just let me know.
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!!! WE ARE VERY EXCITED FOR YOU!! Waiting to hear from Gramma Merris!! Your cousins from Gouverneur, Jeanie and John Leeson

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally got into the guessing pool...guess it's too late :) The best to you both next Wednesday. We'll be thinking about you back at the TDC.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kevin and Tammy! I just heard the good news.

Now, wouldn't a matching set of girls make a good start!

Good luck!

Uncle Tom