Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our last Christmas as kids

Kevin and I referred to this Christmas as our last as kids knowing that next year will be much different. We had a busy holiday traveling to one house to another to visit with all of our family. The boys recieved some wonderful Christmas presents, lots of clothes, toys, books, and tike bikes.

At our last dr.'s appointment last Friday our dr. said that if the boys haven't made their arrival by this Friday we will start to discuss a plan of action. This may mean scheduling an induction but our dr. said he would rather the boys come on their own. Sometimes that just doesn't happen and he said there becomes a point when they are better off out in the world. So we are anxious to hear what he will say on Friday. Its starting to look like they will be January babies and we were pretty convinced that they were going to be December babies. Hope our parental instincts start to sharpen up a bit!

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