Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sorry for not updating lately. I have some recent belly pics and some pictures from Kevin's birthday I would like to post but I'm waiting on Kevin to do that for me on our desktop. We had another non-stress test yesterday, everything looked perfect. The boys were kicking like crazy and their heartrates were good. I had a couple contractions that were normal the tech told us. We see the dr. on Friday, I'm looking forward to that and finding out what he says about bedrest.

Kevin turned 29 on Sunday. He celebrated by taking a trip to the casino on Friday with friends and on Sunday we celebrated with family at our house. Kevin's sister Sara brought over her puppy, Lucy, and everyone loved playing with her...especially Grant and Claire.

We are starting to get super excited about the boys arrival. We already were excited and the feelings are growing each day. Kevin has installed the carseats so they are ready to go, this weekend he is going to assemble the bouncy seats, swings and a few other things we'll be needing shortly after they come home. My bag and the babies bag are packed for the hospital. I still can't believe I have two babies inside of me that will be here in just a few short weeks or sooner! Kevin made me laugh yesterday, he said that the babies are done cooking, all we need to do is let them brown up a little.

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