Friday, December 15, 2006

34 weeks!

Finally, we have reached 34 weeks! Kevin and I are extremely excited to have finally reached this milestone. We had an appointment today and it was good news all around. The babies are looking good and are still doing well so that is most important. The dr. has decided that starting on Tuesday I will begin to wean off the meds that I have been taking for my contractions and as of today I can resume some limited activity! I'm allowed to go out to eat or go to someone's house for a visit. I can't go shopping or anything but that is fine because I wouldn't physically be able to anyways. I got so exhausted today just from going out to dinner so I know there is no way I'd be able to hit up the mall.

To celebrate my new freedom we met my cousin Jared for dinner at Don Pablos. Never have I appreciated a dinner out like I did today! Its been almost 12 weeks since I've been allowed to go anywhere and it was so nice to get out of the house and go somewhere besides the dr's office.

So the plan right now is to just let nature take its course and wait for our twins to decide they are ready to come out and meet everyone. I suspect that once I stop my meds next week that it will only be a few days before labor starts. Even on the meds I still get strong contractions that get more frequent when I'm due for my next dose of medication. They usually subside after I take the medicine so I'm guessing without the medication I will be contracting quite a bit.

Kevin set up a baby pool where people can guess the arrival date of the twins as well has thier stats. You can click on the link he set up on the top left of the page. You don't need to register or anything, you should be able just to make your guesses.

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