Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not ready for takeoff

Summer isn't officially over, but it might as well be. As if on cue, cold and rainy weather rolled in simultaneously with the first day of school. I had a wonderful summer with the boys. We enjoyed babysitting for Grant and Claire twice a week, Wednesday playdates with their friend and meeting Daddy for lunch. We went to movies, threw rocks in the river, swam in our blow up pool and never missed a chance at some ice cream.

We've only been back to school for a week, but I'm already mourning those lazy summer days. I'm fortunate to yet again have a flexible part time work schedule this school year. The boys started their second year of preschool last week. They go twice a week for a full day. So far things are going well. They have a new teacher and new friends and best of all a much smaller class. Today their teacher complimented them telling me what good and sweet boys they are. My heart swelled.

It saddens me to think this is the last year the boys will stay sheltered at home. In just a short year, they will be off to Kindergarten and no longer spend a majority of their lives safe within the confines of their beloved home coddled by their family. I don't want them to go, I don't want this time in their (our) lives to end. I want them little and starry eyed forever.

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