Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the boys

Anderson's Space Mural

His tiny gallery wall. We love his spacey clock.


Jake's Star Wars Mural

Some Star Wars subway art I found online for free. I just printed it up at Costco. It has the names of all the characters.

I had been putting off decorating the boys' rooms for quite some time. I was overly worried about committing to some kind of theme for their room because their interests are constantly changing. Making their room their own had been nagging on me for months and finally I decided to just move forward with it. I let them take the lead.

Jake had been showing some interest in Star Wars for quite some time now. He's never even actually seen the movie, but he has some books and Kevin let the boys watch just a few snippets of R2D2 and C3PO. It wasn't long before Jake was asking for a "Star Wars" room. To him that meant having R2D2 painted on his wall. I've been eyeing the Star Wars Pottery Barn line and even made a couple trips to the outlet but always left empty handed. Things were either for the wrong size bed or too expensive to justify. Lucky for Jake, he has a talented Grandma who spent nearly a week painting an R2D2 and C3PO mural on his wall. We found the Star Wars logo on Etsy. It is just vinyl for the wall that we applied next to the mural.

Anderson's choice was a bit trickier. He wanted a "Zoobles" room. For those that don't know, zoobles are little creature toys that roll into a ball and pop back open. There is no such thing as zoobles decor or even books to use as a reference. Instead Anderson decided he wanted an Outer Space room. I quickly found some items to use in his room. I brought them home after shopping for the afternoon and little Anders was so grateful and appreciative. He loved everything I had gotten and thanked me many times over. His Grandma Merris painted his wall to his specific requests. Those included a spaceship, an alien, a shooting star, and a robot to name a few.

The boys are very fortunate that their Grandma is so talented. I know she enjoyed every minute of creating the murals for them and that makes it all the more special for them.

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