Sunday, November 07, 2010

On a whim

The boys got Chef Psghetti hats to wear

My loves

Little Jakey and Mom

Yesterday morning when we woke up, Kevin and I were deciding what to do for the day with the boys. We checked the local entertainment guide and saw that Curious George was playing at the Fox Theater this weekend. How did we miss that? The boys LOVE Curious George! It is hands down, Anderson's favorite show to watch. So we purchased some tickets on-line and headed to the D. We asked the boys if they wanted to know where we were going or if they wanted to be surprised. They chose to be surprised, I was impressed with their patience.
They were excited when we got to the theater and realized they were going to see George, Chef Psghetti, Noki, and the man with the yellow hat. They watched intently the whole time, never got antsy and enjoyed the entire show. I enjoyed holding them in my lap for nearly and hour and half and smelling their sweet hair.
After the show we headed to IKEA for shopping and lunch. It was a great family day!

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Anonymous said...

John and I were just next door at City Theatre enjoying Katherine Jenkins...Can you tell we are at different phases in our lives? =) Honestly though I do miss the Curious George days. You all look fantastic!!!