Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

Two witches, a monkey and an i-pod touch

Love those little faces

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and the boys have just taken it over the top for me. This was our first year trick or treating with Grant and Claire and it was a great time. We had the grandparents, aunts and uncles over for some appetizers, pizza and some yummy deserts beforehand. It was a little party for the halloweenies and they loved being with their family. After dinner the boys changed into their costumes and we had a group of probably 12-15 neighborhood kids that we walked the neighborhood with. This year was Grant's first year walking the neighborhood alone with his friends, so their was a lot of excitement in the air :).
The boys did a fantastic job keeping up with the big kids and needed no prompting by Kevin or myself to go to the door and ask for candy like in previous years. They occasionally looked over their shoulder to make sure I was there but most of the time they were so hocked up on excitement and adrenaline they were in their own world. They each took more spills than I can count but even that didn't slow them down. The boys were pretty bummed the next day when all the decorations came down and they realized it was over. So was I.

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