Saturday, September 04, 2010

Home sweet home

Eight long months later, this journey is finally finished. Last night was our first night in the new house and we are slowly settling in. There is still a list a mile long of things that need doing and our bedroom is the dumping ground for all the odds and ends, but eventually we'll get it done.

It has been a big adjustment to move into a larger home. My Grandma's condo was about half the size of this house so everything seems larger than life. I think I'll miss the closeness that a small home brings. I really dislike sleeping on the first floor with the boys upstairs. I had a hard time sleeping last night worrying about them and lots of crazy "what ifs" busied my mind.

The boys seem to be enjoying their new space. Tonight Jake asked me which bedroom was his...I thought they knew that already. I guess its going to take some time. They love to run across the bridge and bounce rubber balls in the rooms with tall ceilings. We brought out some toys that have been in storage so they are rediscovering those as well.

Speaking of toys, we went to Target this evening and they asked me if I was going to buy them a toy. I said no several times and finally Anderson said, "Whatever you want to buy us mom, whatever you want to get us is good for me." My three year old is using reverse psychology on me, impressive. He did end up getting milk boxes for his preschool lunches.

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