Monday, August 16, 2010

Practice Preschool

The boys start preschool three half days a week on Aug. 30th. Today I had an intake appointment with the director and the boys joined in on the summer class to get their feet wet. The director asked me all kinds of questions about the boys, their likes, dislikes, temperament, etc...

While I did that, the boys joined circle time, had a snack, played and did a couple of art projects. They LOVED it! Jake so much so that he tinkled in his pants a bit. He didn't want to stop long enough to use the bathroom. I might add that this was right after I told the director that they rarely have accidents. Thanks, Jake!

When it was time to go, they squealed in dismay. Neither one of them were ready to part with all the new surroundings, friends and toys. I was so relieved and happy for them. They are such good boys :)

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