Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Blogroll rejuvenation

I must admit, I haven't had the most productive summer. I should be organizing, packing, cleaning, sorting through outgrown clothes and toys and a plether of other much needed tasks. When I do get a moment to myself, I've been peeking into the worlds of DIY ladies and their impressive blogs that detail their work. I've added my favorites to my blogroll. They are worth a look.

So far I want to do the following in my "free time" in the new house...

Build playroom furniture
Paint and distress our computer desk and chair
Somehow incorporate numbers into the decor (apparently numbers are hot right now)
Beef up our baseboard moldings
Create a bead board ceiling in our powder room
Find some space for a chalkboard wall
Stencil a damask or quarter foil pattern on a wall

The list goes on and on.....now I just need to learn how to live without sleep.

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