Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playdate at the zoo

Anderson and Simon

Anderson, Simon, and Jake

Checking out the polar bear exhibit



This weekend, the boys and their friend Simon, met up at the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the boys had a good time. Anderson wanted to see the meerkats and Jake liked the monkeys. They did a lot of walking, add in a missed nap and you have a recipe for disaster. The witching hours, which unfortunately fall around dinner time, had some serious tantrum nonsense. I've learned that their is nothing that can be done for them when that happens. You just have to ride it out and wait for it to pass. The degree to which they can become unreasonable is just ridiculous and if I didn't just laugh it off I'd go crazy.
This week we set up their pool. They are loving it! They swim for a couple of hours a day and I'm not lying when I say they never sit in the water. They just stand around in their pool splashing each other and pouring water from container to container. I'm not sure if they are scared or just too cold to sit, but it's pretty funny.
I've been teaching them to spell their names. I've had to reiterate Anderson's spelling more often because his name is so much longer than Jake's name. It has resulted in Jake spelling his own name J-A-K-E-R-S-O-N. We just can't get the sweet little guy to stop at the E. Anderson has not only learned to spell his name, but he also knows his address at the new house.
The boys are doing well with potty training. About two weeks ago I ditched the pull ups and only use them for nap/bedtime and that has helped tremendously. They were too comfortable doing their thing in the pull up and are far less likely to have an accident when they are wearing underwear. Both of them are finally doing number two consistently but occasionally taking advantage of the pull up at naptime.
My lower braces came off today. That officially makes me brace free. Now I begin my retainer journey. I have to wear an upper and lower retainer for the next 6-12 months. It sucks, but at least I can take it out when need be and it's a lot less metal.

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