Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving along

Our roof was completed yesterday.
A front door would be nice.
Last night Kevin went into the boy's room because at nearly 10 p.m., he could hear that Jake was still awake. He asked Jake why he was still up and Jake replied with, "Well, I just keep my eyes open Dad." They really make me smile till my face hurts.
We recently had to find a way to separate the boys at nap and bedtime. One would tease the other (over nothing but nonsense) and the other would get so worked up he was biting. This went on and on for way too long until finally Kevin and I reached our breaking point and re- assembled one of the cribs and put it in our room. Now at naptime, one sleeps in our room in the crib and at bedtime they are separated until they fall asleep. Then we move the one in the crib from our room into his bed. It's not ideal, but for right now we've regained our sanity.
The past week has been stressful on the house front. The bank we used for our construction loan was closed down by the FDIC. Then the hostile takeover bank (for the Cars fans out there) told us we would have thousands of dollars of unforeseen fees at the completion of the house. Several phone calls later that was resolved...we're still waiting for it to come in writing. To top things off, the house was painted the wrong (very wrong) color, they built our garage incorrectly, and installed sliding doors where french doors were to be. The paint I'll have to live with but fortunately the garage and doors will be corrected.

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