Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Catching up



View out our master bedroom in the new house

View from our Great Room

View from our kitchen
This weekend we took the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH. We all had a good time and the boys did great sleeping together in the same bed. They enjoyed the kiddie water slides, the lazy river and playing basketball in the pool. I think their favorite part was the animatronic show in the lobby. They sat amongst the "big kids" waiting for the show to begin and made chit chat with the school age kids. At one point I heard a six year old girl ask Jake, "where's your mom?" in a stern voice. I think the friendly guy was putting a damper on a girls only shin dig. I had to go and smooth things over for him, he was doing a lot of unwelcomed hugging and invading of other's personal spaces. After I explained to the girls that he was harmless and just hadn't learned some social rules yet, they were more willing to accept him into their group. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was spread some love. Thankfully he was oblivious to himself and walked away from the situation not a bit embarrassed.
The boys are finally using the potty for both purposes. Jake a bit more than Anderson, but both have had successes. These days the boys spend lots of time outdoors riding their bikes, playing on the hill in the backyard and taking walks through their secret forest. Their secret forest is about four large Christmas trees in back of our condo that they like to explore and play follow the leader through. We've all got spring fever, only about 7 more weeks of school left and then it's time for some summer fun.

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