Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Daily Schedule

Where's Anderson?
Here he is.
Jake is mowing the lawn.

Then he eats his sheet.

Now that the boys are 16 months old and it is warm out our daily schedule has changed quite a bit. Most days we nap only once a day which has been a tough adjustment for us. This is what our day looks like.

6:30: Anderson wakes first and begins to call out. Within minutes he wakes Jake. Dad starts the bottles on his way out the door.

7:00: I get the boys out of their cribs. I struggle to get both up on my lap as they go nuts for their bottle. We're going to have to do something about that before Kindergarten. We watch the Wiggles as they drink their ba-ba.

7:20: Playtime Jake mows the lawn and Anderson looks at books.

8:00: Breakfast Time The boys like whole grain pancakes, a variety of fruits, cheerios, toast, oatmeal and french toast.

9:00: Mom showers and the boys play contained in their exersaucer and walker.

10:00: Time to go out for errands or meet Daddy for lunch. Today we went to Kohls and Target.

11:30: Lunchtime This is a challenge. By now the boys are tired out and ready for a nap. If I get lunch wrong it goes all over the floor. It's not always easy trying to figure out what the little people want to eat. They may love something one day and hate it the next.

Noon: Naptime Mom crosses her fingers and hopes for at least a solid hour of sleep. Today was 2 hours, yesterday was 45 minutes, you just can't predict. Jake usually wakes first and ALWAYS wakes Anderson up with his antics. They aren't even in the same room but they are definitely aware of eachother at all times. You might think naptime was my relaxation time but it is actually the most stressful part of my day. I use this time to blog, clean, cook and sweat bullets over one baby waking another.

2:00: Snack time and we are off for a long walk. We usually walk for 45 minutes around the neighborhood. The boys LOVE it when we see a schoolbus, dogs, and other kiddies. They wave and yell "hi". After our walk to swing in the backyard and explore the yard.

3:30: Back in the house and time to play.

4:30: Dinner time for the boys. Daddy comes home and helps out towards the end with clean up.

5:15: Bathtime Hands down their favorite time of the day. They can't get enough of the water.

5:45: Time to cruise around the neighborhood in their cars wearing their pjs. Kevin and I push the boys in their cars around the block as they beep the horn and steer. They are very serious about their driving time.

6:30: Sesame Street and bottles

7:00: Sweet dreams, sweet peas

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