Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is what sick looks like

Awww Jakey

Poor Anders

Mommy trying to make the babies feel better with some grapes and Teletubbies.

We are sick...AGAIN! Stomach flu (check), Croup (check), Severe head colds (check), the newest ailments on our resume, ear infections (check), good ole regular flu (check). Kevin went to the dr. on Monday to find out he had the flu. I mean hey, why not? We haven't done that one yet. On Tuesday Jake woke up from his nap screaming, I immediately took him to the dr. to find out he had an ear infection. Yesterday Anderson developed a fever. I couldn't get in at the dr.'s so I took him to pediatric urgent care only to sit there for two hours and not have anyone do anything for us. Oh wait, they took his temp but the allusive dr. never showed up. I ended up leaving and driving home in the most treacherous snow conditions I have ever driven in only to turn around this morning and take him to the dr.'s. Turns out the poor guy has caught his Daddy's flu bug. As I type I feel achey all over so I guess I'm next in line. The boys were supposed to have their one year professional pics taken last month but they were so sick we had to reschedule...for this Saturday. That's not happening so I had to flake out on the poor photographer AGAIN. Our one year pics are quickly turning into 15 month pics at this rate. If you haven't noticed, woe is me.

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