Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy doing a whole lot of NOTHING

Jake Thomas

Jake again

The sheared sheep eating spaghetti

Anderson James

Reading books with Daddy

I haven't had much free time to post lately. Life feels so busy but at the end of the day after the boys go to sleep I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing....besides nuturing and loving two precious human beings that is. At the moment, with the exception of Jake's runny nose, it would appear that we are all germ free. Hope I didn't just jinx us.

We took the boys for their second haircut on Monday. I didn't want to cut too much the first time so that resulted in needing another haircut 3.5 weeks later. So this time I told them to use the clippers and I'm now having buyer's remorse. They look like two little sheared sheep. I cut close to 6 inches off of my hair last month on my birthday and I've been regretting it everyday since, now I just tripled my hair woes. It's only hair, right?

This weekend we have Grant's 9th birthday party. NINE, whoa! I cannot believe my G-man is 9. It seems like yesterday that I was smothering his baby cheeks in kisses. Where does the time go and how do we slow it down?

I'll try and get some pictures up of my little sheared sheep before the end of the day. And we'll have lots of pics from Sunday's party coming soon.

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