Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Most Lovely Afternoon

Anderson riding in the rocking chair.

Getting them both to look at the camera at the same time has become impossible.

Jake was mowing the carpet.

Anderson watching Daddy shovel the snow.

Jake practicing eating off of a plate....somewhat successfully

Lots to report from these parts..big, big, news! Over the weekend Anderson started to take some steps on his own. Every day since he has done it more often and more steadily. It's only a matter of time now. He has the confidence, now he just has to hone his craft. I've been trying for days to get it on video to no avail, so I think I'll just concentrate on a still shot.

Jake took some small steps today as well. He has been observing all the praise his brother has been getting and decided to give it a go. He's a little more unsure than Anderson is but we know he won't be too far behind.

This afternoon with the boys has left me smiling into the evening. Nothing huge happened, just a lovely afternoon of play, cuddling and laughter. They love when I let them play in their rooms, so we spent some time on Anderson's turf. They took rides in the rocking chair, looked out the window and enjoyed some major tickle time from Mommy. I. am. so . lucky.

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