Friday, June 22, 2007

Tooties and Helmets

Jake (L) and Anderson (R) in Daddy's Alma Mater

Jake Thomas in his latest helmet sticker....wassup HOTTIE!

Anderson James with his usual smile. I swear as soon as he sees a camera he lights up.

The boys had a one month check up for their helmets today. They are both doing great, their heads have grown about a half an inch in the past month! Those are some big melons, the orthotist was shocked. Anderson has made awesome progress, his flat spot has really started to even out. Jake made progress but the poor little guy has a more stubborn head. His noggin is much more misshapen than his brother's head so it will take a lot more time to see any major changes.

Both boys are teething. Jake is showing all the classic signs....cranky, stuffy nose, drooling like a dog, etc... His gums are looking pretty ridgy so I don't think it will be too much longer before a tooth appears. Anderson seems to be teething as well but not nearly as uncomfortable as his brother.

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