Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anderson and Jake dressed for the game.

Anderson and Daddy.

Jake and Mommy

In front of the carousel at Comerica Park.

Today was the big Tiger's game down at Comerica Park. The boys did great! We had to park a distance away so we took the people mover and the boys enjoyed the ride. They liked looking out the windows and checking out all the people. We strolled around the park for awhile and then went to our seats. Soon after sitting down to watch the game the crowd cheered for a play and poor Jake was startled. We had a hard time settling him down because every time he calmed it would happen again so we decided to take them on the carousel for a ride. We play ride the horsie on our knees at home so they got to do close to the real thing on the ride. They seemed to enjoy that as well. It was a great first family outing and we are looking forward to future visits to the games as the boys grow older.

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