Monday, June 25, 2007

Teeth, teeth everywhere

The boys were very busy growing teeth this weekend! This morning Jake had his first little tooth break skin on the bottom left. Ironically the same tooth Anderson had that came through first. So here's the breakdown:

Thursday's tooth check: Nada
Friday's check: Anderson's bottom left tooth appears
Saturday's check: Nothing new
Sunday's check: Anderson's bottom right tooth appears
Monday's check: Jake's bottom left tooth appears

Now let's hope they both have their Daddy's "class A bite" (quote from his dentist) aka perfectly straight teeth without braces or retainers. The good Lord knows Mommy's genes had nothing positive to offer in that department. Just ask Papa and Nanny Guitar what cost more, Tammy's dental/orthodontic work or her college education. At least one of those expenses had a successful outcome. :)

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