Monday, May 21, 2007

Introducing the BLUE ANGELS

Jake would prefer you call it by its proper term, a cranial remolding orthosis. The term helmet makes him slightly uncomfortable and as you can tell from his pic he is very serious about that.

Shhh...Anderson is so excited about his helmet because we told him Maddox Jolie had one.

Bonus Pic: The twins out for a brisk spring walk to see the flowers in bloom.

The blue angels got their helmets today and it went pretty smoothly considering it took 3 hours and the poor babies didn't get to take their afternoon naps. Over the next week we will slowly increase the amount of time the boys wear the helmets. By next week they will be wearing them 23 out of 24 hours a day. So far Jake has been pretty cooperative even though he had it on for only 20 minutes and his head was soaked in sweat. Anderson has been a little crankier about it but then again it could just be from his lack of sleep today. Hopefully the boys will adjust quickly and get used to their new look.

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Aunt Sara said...

Seeing them with those on and with their Red Wings shirts makes me think Grandma should paint them like goalie masks. Jake "the baby dominator" a la Martin Biron and Anderson "the baby Bulin wall".

Just kidding of course. The picture in my head is still funny though.

Miss you all! Auntie Sara