Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Boy Baths

Jake enjoying his bath.

Anderson having fun.

Today we tried out our new bathtub seats with Anderson and Jake. Jake enjoyed himself but Anderson wasn't so sure. He did a lot of complaining but we were able to catch a happy moment. I think we'll stick with their infant tub for another few weeks and try again when they can sit up a little better.

Tomorrow the boys will begin wearing their helmets. We have an appointment in the afternoon at Children's hospital for a sort of orientation for parents on how it works and how to care for it. Even though the helmets were made from a mold they took of the boys' heads, they will also need to do more tweaking tomorrow to make sure it fits just right.

Yesterday we took the boys to a Mom to Mom sale happening in Rochester. They took their first ride in their baby bjorn carriers and LOVED it! They were so happy and content looking around at all the things for sale and at all the people that were smiling at them. Jake even held a bag that had one of purchases in it. We found some great deals! We got a pair of ROBEEZ that had only been worn a few times and were in excellent condition. I heard about ROBEEZ from my cousin who said the boys needed to have a pair because all the celebrity babies were wearing them. They are leather mocassin type shoes and our pair has cute little lions on them.

We also bought a bottle warmer for our car and an adorable bee costume for Halloween. My mom said one baby should be the bee and the other a flower. I don't think Kevin will allow either boy to dress as a flower for Halloween!

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