Friday, May 18, 2007

All about Anderson

Anderson smiling at Daddy's funny noises

Anderson fairly happy and not screeching at tummy time.

Anderson trying out his new bath seat.

Yesterday I was putting some pictures we had printed in a photo album when I realized that there were tons more pictures of Jake than there were of Anderson. I was trying to figure out how that happened and came to the conclusion that little Anderson sleeps more than Jake and that is probably why. Anderson usually falls asleep a half hour or more before Jake does for naps during the day. So to be fair, this post is all about Anderson.

Anderson is doing well, he is eating 6-8 ounces every 4 hours. He usually naps in his crib twice a day for 2 hours at a time and takes a catnap in the swing in the evening before bed. He is our little detective, always watching everyone around him waiting for them to look at him so he can smile at them. He doesn't get mad very often, but when he does look out. Anderson can scream with the best of them! Tummy time is not his favorite time but he is getting better at keeping his head up and looking around. Tummy time usually becomes sleep time for Anderson. He tires himself out from all the lifting of his head and then crashes his head down and falls asleep.

The other day he was playing with Jake on the floor and touching Jake's face. Jake didn't seem to mind so I let him continue what he was doing. Afterwards I picked Jake up only to find Anderson had cat scratched him all up and down his cheek. When I asked him if he scratched his brother all up he started to smile and laugh! It was too cute!

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