Saturday, February 10, 2007

Peditrician Appointment

Anderson and Jake had their one month appointment yesterday. Their birthweights were 6'4 and 6'7 and yesterday they weighed in at 10'1 and 9'1. Jake is the larger of the two but that came as no surprise since he is a big eater. The dr. said both of them are doing well, their iron levels are a little low so we will be giving them iron supplements but other than that they are thriving. Anderson made his presence known at the dr's office....he continually passed gas and then poo'ed on the table. After that was all cleaned up he decided it was time to pee all over the table. The nurses were all laughing!

Jake has a tendency to favor his left side, always wanting to sleep on that side and look that way. Because of this we are going to meet with a physical therapist and learn different exercises that we can do with him so that he rests his head to either side as to not develop a "flat head". It is more of a preventive measure at this point, hopefully we will be able to correct it quickly.

Last weekend the boys started to show the slightest signs that they were able to start sleeping longer than they have. They feed every three hours and it takes a half hour for each of them to feed. That only leaves 2.5 hours of sleep time in between feeds. So far Jake has been able to sleep longer than Anderson. He has slept anywhere from 2.5-4.5 hours and Anderson has gone from 2.5-3.5 hours. It hasn't been consistent and some nights they are up every 3 hours like clockwork for their feedings but at least its a start!

Kevin and I still feel like we are dreaming. Anderson and Jake are such a joy and we feel so blessed and lucky to have them!

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