Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Pics of Anderson and Jake and an update

In our new sleep sacks, getting ready for moving into our nursery.

Jake all dolled up for big cousin Grant's birthday party.

Anderson sporting his penguin sweater for the big party as well.

Anderson and Jake are doing great. Still not sleeping more than four hours at a time but they did spend their first night in their cribs last night. They did awesome! No crying, fussing or screaming about being in their new beds. They slept well, just not long enough for us.

Their clothes are starting to fit them now so we have been having fun dressing them up in regular clothes rather than pj's all the time. They look so little men.

Jake has been to physical therapy twice now. We have been trying to encourage/force him to not lay on the left side of his head all the time but he has continually outsmarted us. Every time we lay him or place a pillow or blanket that forces him to lay to the right he manages to squirm his way back to the left. Its difficult because we can only do so much using head blocks that is safe for him. So only time will tell if we are successful or if poor Jake will have to temporarily wear a helmet for his misshapen head.

Anderson has been making good progress. In the hospital he got off to a slow start with his suck/swallow reflex, he has always been a lazy eater and he just didn't seem to have the same appetite as Jake. So we decided to change up the nipples on his bottle and we have found that has helped. He doesn't need to put as much effort into sucking which means he eats faster and doesn't fall asleep during his feed. Its only been two days but he has consistently eaten as much as Jake.

We THINK we have gotten legitimate smiles (not from gas pains) out of both boys. It has only happened a handful of times and we haven't caught it on camera yet but we were excited nonetheless. The next few months should really start to become a lot of fun as the boys start to become more alert and laugh and smile.

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