Monday, February 19, 2007

Anderson and Jake were Baptized

The boys were baptized this weekend. Unfortunately none of the pictures came out very good. They are either dark or the boys are screaming their heads off in them. When we have some free time we plan on dressing them up again and trying some pics at home.

Despite the lack of pictures, it was a good day. Anderson and Jake wore baptismal suits handmade by Grandma Merris. She has been working on them since the boys were born and they turned out just beautiful. The boys looked SO cute in mini popes.

Church went well, Anderson and Jake slept through just about the whole thing. The water poured over their heads barely phased them. It wasn't until everyone started clapping for the newly baptised babies that startled Jake. He took his first visit to the back of the church for being "disruptive in church". Next time I'll have to threaten to take him out to the car. :)

After mass we had a small reception for our family at Picirillis Ristorante in Shelby. We had about 22 people in the banquet room for dinner and drinks. Our parents, siblings, grandparents, and my godparents were all there to celebrate with Anderson and Jake. By 9 p.m. Kevin and I were exhausted, unfortunately the boys were wide awake. They quickly settled after their feeding when we got home but still didn't sleep more than 3.5 hours at a time. Someday we'll experience sleep again.....

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