Monday, March 14, 2011

The boys are recovering from some nasty colds. Anderson had an ear infection, started antibiotics, they didn't work so he was put on a stronger one. Jake was treated for a chest infection with antibiotics as well. Anderson hates taking medicine. We have to bribe him with m&m's and we still have a hard time getting them down. Jake on the other hand loves taking meds. He asks for it all the time and will even fake sick to get some.

Jake was only on his antibiotics for five days whereas Anderson is taking them for 10 days. When I was giving them to Anderson today, Jake started asking for some as well. I tried to explain to him that his were done, he wasn't sick anymore and didn't need them. He proceeded to tell me "No mom, I really do need them. I've been picking my nose in my room at nighttime and eating my boogers. So I put the bad germs right back into my mouth and I need the medicine cause I made myself sick.....okay?" If it were up to Anderson, Jake would have an unlimited supply.

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