Sunday, January 30, 2011


We took the boys bowling. They really enjoyed it in their own way. They were hyper focused on the tv screen that showed the cartoon bowing pins getting knocked over. They would push the ball down the alley and then rush to see what would happen on the tv. They could not have cared less how many actual pins they knocked down just as long as they saw what happened on the TV.

On the lane next to us there was a b-day party of little girls that were a few years older than the boys. The boys shamelessly danced and showboated in front of girls. I loved it. After the bowling we took the boys out to lunch. We ate at Red Knapps which is a tiny old fashioned diner that has been in downtown Rochester for decades. They had chocolate milkshakes, hot dogs and lots of fries.

I haven't been blogging much because this time of the year always has me in a funk. I self diagnos myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I really, really, really hate the cold weather. I feel trapped indoors with the boys. We all need to get outside, ride bikes, take a walk, lay on the grass...something. We've been cooped up for months now and it's just getting old and taking its toll.

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