Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I haven't been keeping up the blog lately and I'm just not feeling a well thought out, insightful post so here are some of my thoughts in random order...

The boys are using the potty pretty regularly. Anderson is staying dry during the day and will tell us when he needs to go. Jake will only go when we make him and if we don't make him often enough he will just use his pull up. Neither guy is going number two, they just don't have the patience to sit and wait for it. For now I'm pleased with the progress they've made.

There has been absolutely no progress with the new house. Nada, nothing. We have no basement and with the weather the way it has been I don't imagine we'll have one anytime soon.

I've got three classes down and two more to go. I hope to finish by April 15th.

The boys sleep patterns have gotten totally ridiculous. They jump around like maniacs in their cribs every night till nearly 10 p.m. We put them to bed at 7:30. I HATE having them in the same room, life was so much more calm when they slept in separate rooms. It's just not the late night mayhem, it then filters down into the daytime. They are overtired and crabby and it makes for very long days during the winter. Tonight was the mother of all meltdowns, poor Jakey was in hyperventilation mode.

Everyone keeps asking me when I'm getting my braces off. Honestly I have no idea because I'm too afraid to ask the orthodontist. I've been back three times since my surgery and I haven't asked the most obvious question. In my mind I'm going with June and at this point I just couldn't bear to hear any longer than that. My mouth is in such a constant state of irritability and I'm so sick picking shit out of my teeth that if it were any longer than June I fear I might just quit and have them taken off now. The goal of June is what gets me through each day and if it's not June I don't want to know.

Kevin and I are going to a wedding in Raleigh, NC in a couple of weeks. Kevin's friend from college is getting married at one of the hotels downtown. The bride and groom are both Hindu Indians, so I am looking forward to experiencing the culture and traditional wedding. We are even going to attend the Mehendi so this should be a great experience. I bought a new dress and I'm going to get my hair done and try a spray tan right before we leave. Of course I'll still have a mouth full of metal and rubber bands, but a girl can pretend right.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

Hey Tammy! I think you are like me with a good dose of the cold weather blues. I was sorry to hear about your grandmother too. It's a shame that you feel like you didn't get closure with her. I'm sure she knows how much you love her.

Raleigh is about 5 hours away for us. Are the boys going to the wedding too?