Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Both Anderson and Jake have produced for the potty!!! We aren't even minutely close to anything consistent but at least they finally broke the seal. Both of them are pretty impressed with themselves and will only use the potty on their own terms but its progress.

We have tried out wearing some undies around the house, Anderson only had them on for about 15 minutes before he pee'd on the floor. As he did it he said "um, I think I'm pooping on the floor". Thank goodness it wasn't poop. Right now they have a potty chart and are working towards getting RC from Toy Story.

Jake is doing somersaults. He just randomly started doing them at the McBride house on Sunday. Little stinker is pretty good at them too.

I checked out a pre-school program for next year last week. I met with the teacher, toured the facility and quietly observed. It had all the elements you would expect to see in a pre-school. I know the boys would have an absolute blast while they were there.

Next week is mid-winter break. Kev and I are contemplating taking the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge again. I think we'll decide as it gets just a little closer. I'm afraid a reservation now will almost guarentee us that someone will get sick, cause that is just the law of nature.

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