Saturday, January 09, 2010

First Teeth Cleaning

Anderson James ready for some oral hygiene

Looking good

Anderson is laughing cause he thought it tickled

Jake holding his own

All done!

Unfortunately it wasn't the first time that Anderson and dentist met. Last year the poor guy had to have a double root canal on his front teeth. This, however, did not detour this amazing little boy from be boppin into the dentist office for his first official cleaning. According to the hygienist, Jake had some "pep to his step" as well.
I was thoroughly impressed with my bubbies. I was so excited about how cooperative and happy they were about their cleaning that I even called Kevin from work to talk to him about it... and he was there for the whole thing. :)
They even tolerated having plaque scrapped off their little chompers, flossing, and a fluoride treatment. Afterwards Jakey didn't want to leave. That made me smile because on the way there he was nervous that the dentist was going to take some of his teeth.
It was as if I saw such a different side of them. They seemed so independent and grown up. Guess I'll have to go overboard with some TLC the next time someone trips. Just so they don't forget how much they need me.

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