Monday, January 18, 2010

Build a Bear

Anderson waiting in line with his moose.

Making birth certificates

All done!

This was their reaction to the stuffing process

Picking out a heart

This weekend we took the boys to Somerset Mall so that they could "build a bear". Anderson asked on the way there if he could make a moose instead. Not wanting him to be disappointed, we did our best to gently convince him they wouldn't have a moose. It is of course a bear workshop, not a moose workshop. No sooner did we walk in the store that Anderson was holding a moose feeling very satisfied. Jake chose a moose as well for his animal and we waited in a super long line to stuff our moose.

The boys were pretty unsure of the giant machine that stuffed their moose. They could have pushed the lever with their foot to make it turn on but they wanted nothing of it. They did enjoy picking out a heart for their moose and giving it a good bath before we left. There were some dicey moments during the process, the boys seemed overwhelmed at times but I think they had a positive experience.

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