Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Out in front of Nemo

Dinner in Mexico

Excitedly waiting to ride the boat in Mexico

Anderson giving his famous "cheese"-y squished eye smile

Anderson and Jake enjoyed their time at Epcot. Their favorite ride by far was Nemo. We rode that three times and they still asked for more. Thankfully we were able to walk right on that ride everytime. They also enjoyed the boat rides in Norway and Mexico. We had nice dinner in Mexico, watched the Chinese acrobats, and had fun visiting the countries. The adult highlight was Soaring. Soaring is a ride that makes you feel like you are actually flying. It really was amazing.
Kevin and I had a brush with celebrity....sorta. We are big fans of the TLC show Little People Big World and we actually saw a couple that have been featured on the show. They were a couple who adopted a little person named Chance. He was born with some major disabilities beyond being little and Matt Roloff's charity helped make his adoption possible. We rode the boat with Chance and his family in Mexico. Chance looked at me :).
Did I mention the lice....(yes, those disgusting little bugs that eat away on your scalp)? The strep throat scare? Or the three trips in total that have been made to Urgent care since we arrived? I guess I was having too much fun. Maybe more on that later.

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