Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you guys twins?

Jake at the Spray Park

Jake eating mom's homemade Honey Wheat Zucchini bread

Anderson eating his zucchini bread

My big night out to the Tori Amos concert

The boys enjoying their short lived blow up Lightning McQueen car

Last week Kevin and I took the boys to Stony Creek for a walk and possible toe dip in the water. The toe dip turned into an all out swim for the boys but I really didn't mind. I usually keep an extra set of clothes in the car so all was good. The challenge was taking their diapers off in a discreet way while they were swimming. Kevin and I made that rookie mistake before. We let them get wet in their diapers at the spray park and didn't realize their diapers would inflate and then burst causing all the gel crystals to contaminate the play area...whoops!
My favorite part of the trip came when Jake starting asking people that we walked past, "Are you guys twins?". The poor bubbie hears people constantly asking "Are they twins?" that he is now asking other people. Too funny!

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