Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Anderson enjoying the new jumperoo

Jake trying out the jumperoo for the first time.

The boys are growing so quickly! We assembled their jumperoo and exersaucer for them and tried them out. They are still a little big so we have to stuff blankets around them to keep them from face planting and to give them support. The boys really like both toys, their not quite sure what to do in them yet but they are learning. Kevin and I are having a great time watching them experience new things, their facial expressions can be hilarious and keep us laughing.

They had a very nice first Easter. By the end of the day they were pretty tired from all the excitement. They slept through the night and the next night. Yesterday we ventured out to Somerset for lunch and some shopping. Its looking like shopping is not going to be one of their favorite activities! They are starting to not like being in their carseats for long periods of time and they make sure they let you know that. Both of them took turns expressing their distaste for shopping while we were at the mall. It was a short trip!

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