Sunday, October 01, 2006

113 days to go!

Things have been pretty uneventful around here lately. From what I have been reading, each boy should be 1.25 lbs and a foot long by now. Only 113 more days to go!

Even though I have been back to work for a month now, this past week was our first week with students and they totally kicked my butt! The first day with students was on Wednesday and I started having some contractions from all the bending over and physical activity that I haven't been used to. I called the nurse and of course she reassured me that everything was fine. She even mentioned that working with the kiddies was a good distraction for me from all my aches and pains. WHAT? Lady, working with the kiddies is the CAUSE of my aches and pains. I was frustrated but grateful that the discomfort I have been experiencing is nothing serious.

Today we had our first of two baptism classes at our church. We recently decided to change churches and start attending St. John and Paul in Washington Twp. Although I hate to officially leave St. Lawrence, it has just become too far for us. The boys will both have my sister, Tina, as their Godmother and our brother-in-law, Kevin, as their Godfather. As many of you know, Kevin is not religous in any sort of way but I have to say I am so lucky that he has been supportive of this whole process. As much as church is not his thing and I know how uncomfortable it can make him feel, I was so impressed by his selflessness today at the class. He participated in class and never once complained. I already knew that I have an awesome husband, but it seems like during this pregnancy there have been so many reminders of why I love Kevin so much and how deep that love runs. Just like my little guys, I just can't get enough of him either.

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful woman married to an awesome guy. If I were a psychic I would call you two "old souls" .You have met in former lives and this is your best life together. You were destined to be together and these boys are the culmination of your love. God bless all of you!!(Sorry Kevin, but I really , really wish this wish). Love, Maggie