Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today's appointment was relatively quick. I gained another 3 lbs. since last Monday so I was pleased. My nightly milkshakes must be working. I met with the dr. to go over my bloodwork results and discuss any concerns. The bloodwork looked good, my usual borderline thyroid and anemia were both normal. Unfortunately the dr. was paged and had to jet to deliver a baby.

The nurse said she was going to give me a quick ultrasound to check on the babies. We were pleasantly surprised because we were told we wouldn't see them for a couple more weeks. Both of them looked good. We are so grateful for these little babies! We watched as one turned from face down to face up and the other one looked like it was scratching its head. The pictures we have from today aren't nearly as good as last weeks so no point in posting them. I go back two weeks from tomorrow for my next appointment.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear everything went well.
Tina & Kevin

Anonymous said...

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