Friday, June 01, 2012

Angry Birds 5th Birthday Party

The boys 5th birthday has long passed, but I definitely wanted to post about in the blog.  We left for Disney just three days after the party and life just gets busy sometimes.  Their birthday is right after Christmas so you'll see some Christmas decorations lingering.  Without further ado...the handmade Angry Birds party 2012.

The boys decided back in October that they wanted an Angry Birds party.  There wasn't much to order online or to buy in stores so I had to improvise.  I bought some colored card stock and got to work.  I cut each eye, beak, eyebrow, tail etc. myself and glued it all together the old fashioned way.  It took many man hours, but it was a labor of love.  The boys were really excited about the whole process which just made every bit of it worth it.

Luckily the boys received the Angry Bird pillows as a Christmas gift from their Auntie so they also doubled as party decorations.  The yellow angry bird behind them is actually a balloon that popped.  No worries though, we just re purposed him as a wall decoration.

 Jake's favorite bird was the green boomerang bird so he picked that bird to be on his cake. Anderson liked the blue bird.  To each his own bird.  I had the cakes locally made by someone.  The birds were made of fondant so the boys were able to gobble them up.

We set up a little angry birds vignette on the cabinet ledge above our stove.

 We downloaded some angry birds wallpaper and used photoshop to add the text in the framed photo above.  We printed it at Costco for 5.99.  Not a bad deal for a 16 x 20 poster.  My cousin actually gave us the bubble gum machine.  He inherited it with the business he bought and it was just sitting around collecting dust.  We cleaned it up and filled it to the brim with m & m's.  The kids and adults loved being able to turn handle and get a treat.  We made some adjustments so no coins were necessary.

I ordered some Angry Bird balloons from eBay.  They came all the way from Malaysia!

Hope you enjoyed peaking in on our party!!!

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Taylor-Ann said...

What a cute party. My 9 year old would love this. I would love if you came and linked up some of your great posts to my link party @ Show Off Monday on Kampen Lane.