Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Today you turned 5...

Anderson~Today you turned 5 and I want to tell you a bit about yourself. You're a very smart and insightful guy. You're curious about the world and wise beyond your years. You often ask questions that I don't have the answers to. You are a get er' done type guy, just like me. If there is a job to be done, you don't procrastinate. You would rather just do it than waste time complaining about it. For the most part, you really don't complain at all. You have lots of love for life and your family. You often tell Daddy and I that we are the best Mommy and Daddy in the world. When you become a parent, you'll be able to fathom how much that really means to us.

Your one quirk is your picky eating habits. Boy are you hard to please when it comes to food. There is very little variety in your diet and you are pretty stubborn about trying new things. I'm afraid you inherited this from me. You enjoy pretty bland foods, but the one thing I can't wrap my mind around is that you love black licorice jelly beans. Such a specific taste, not enjoyed by the masses, but for some reason you love them.

Your teacher tells me a nice way that you talk quite a bit in preschool. You're a real storyteller with lots to share with your teachers and classmates. It doesn't surprise me, you've always been outgoing and friendly with strangers. If someone is willing to listen, you can give them an earful. That's okay though, I've seen you brighten the days of countless strangers over the past 5 years.

Love you so much Anderson!

Jake~Now it's your turn. You're pretty patient at waiting your turn, you're just an easy going guy like that. Very much like your Daddy in personality. Your a little lover and very affectionate. I'm the number one girl in your life right now and I love it! You are a bit more reserved than Anderson and equally as smart in your own way. You often hide your talents and surprise Dad and I at times with how much you really do know.

You tend to procrastinate and move at your own pace. I like that though, because it reminds me to slow down and enjoy things. You notice the small details in things that I often miss and your memory is a sharp one. You have a quiet confidence that is admirable and you are very much an independent guy. You love playing alone and could keep yourself occupied for hours if you needed to. I've never heard you say you were bored. Not once.

You are a homebody. You love to be at home and give us grief when it's time to go out and do something. You love your toys, your room and the familiarity of home and family. You're a great eater and will try new things. You enjoy spicy foods (like Daddy) and can put away a lot of food in one sitting. You've lived up to the nickname we gave you as a baby...Bubba.

Love you so much Jake!

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

5, Tammy! 5. I can't believe it's already here. Your boys are so sweet and so handsome and you've done such a great job being a mommy! Congrats on these two perfect little men and the five awesome years I've been so lucky to peek in on! You guys are such a precious family! Love to you all!