Friday, April 22, 2011

Coloring Eggs

Yesterday the boys colored some eggs for Easter. They were pretty hands on, more like hands in. Their hands were almost black by the end of it, the little metal egg dipper is just a bit too cumbersome for them at this point. They threw caution to the wind and just submerged their whole hand while dipping eggs. At that point we decided to NOT break out the sparkles. Maybe next year.

Jake has been enjoying the hard boiled eggs. Gotta love that the little guy will try and eat just about anything. Anderson on the other hand won't even consider just a small taste. It seems like his tastes are becoming more and more restricted these days. He does love black jelly beans, which is a mystery to me. It seems like someone who won't even eat cheese pizza wouldn't like the distinct taste of black jellybeans.

We are hosting an Easter brunch with my family and will join Kevin's family for dinner at his Moms. Tomorrow the boys are excitedly anticipating an Easter egg hunt at church. Can't believe this is their 5th Easter!

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